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  • A near-death experience leads to a startlingly deep look at the main character.

  • A cornered animal is a far more dangerous one.

  • Head on down to New Orleans for a supernatural gun-for-hire adventure.

  • This already stellar comic more than sticks the landing in an impressive finale.

  • Oh, you thought this book was already scary? Just wait until you see what this issue has in store.

  • Just how does an apartment building get haunted by racist ghosts? Find out inside!

  • Prepare for the final two tales of terror, but make sure to leave room for dessert.

  • This comic somehow gets even scarier with the second issue.

  • A shocking comic in more ways than one.

  • Here's a terrifying Japanese tradition that I was completely unaware of. No, it's not Pokemon.

  • Check out a sneak peek at the first issue of Berger Books from Dark Horse Comics