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  • Babyteeth #17

    Babyteeth 17 Large

    It's the end of the world as we know it, just not what we expected at all.

  • Babyteeth #15

    Babyteeth 15 Large

    A war rages between Heaven and Hell and a young boy is caught in the middle.

  • Dark Red #4

    Dark Red 4 00

    If you thought you hated Nazis before, just wait until you read this comic.

  • Dark Red #3

    Dark Red 3 00

    Even in a world of vampires, Nazis are still the worst.

  • Dark Red #2

    Dark Red 2 00

    The good 'ol boy vampire just found a slew of new problems.

  • Dark Red #1

    Dark Red 1 00

    Is the world ready for an incel vampire?

  • Babyteeth #14

    Babyteeth 14 00

    This would be one messed up episode of the Maury Povich show.

  • Babyteeth #13

    Babyteeth 13 Cover

    Meet the Devil's pet, Destroylaydon. It's a shark / spider / scorpion.

  • Babyteeth #12

    Babyteeth 12 Cover

    The continuing adventure of a young woman and her Anti-Christ baby heats up...literally.

  • Babyteeth #10

    Babyteeth 10 Cover

    Portals, the Antichrist, and total, unbridled terror.

  • Babyteeth #9

    Babyteeth 9 Cover

    We're starting to think James really likes this comic.

  • Babyteeth #8

    Babyteeth 8 Cover

    Are you ready for a fire-breathing murder raccoon? I'm not sure that you are.

  • Babyteeth #7

    Babyteeth 7 Cover

    It’s only January, but I just found one of my favorite panels of the year.

  • Babyteeth #6

    Babyteeth 6 Cover

    Well, this is an interesting trip to Maine.

  • Babyteeth #5

    Babyteeth 5 Cover

    Giving birth to the Antichrist was the least of Sadie's problems.

  • Babyteeth #4

    Babyteeth 4 Cover

    Shit gets real when you give birth to the Antichrist.

  • Babyteeth #3

    Babyteeth 3 Cover

    Things get crazier for young Sadie and her little baby Antichrist.

  • Babyteeth #1

    Babyteeth 1 Cover

    A 16 year old girl just gave birth to the antichrist.  Now what?

  • Revival #47

    Revival 47 Cover

    It All Ends Here! The final showdown with the Revivers is packed with action, emotion, and bloodshed.