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  • Wicked Witches

    Wicked Witches Large

    A British The Evil Dead that isn’t thoroughly cooked, it’s still worth taking a bite of this bloody nugget of fun.

  • Clinton Road

    Clinton Road Large

    Big name cameos set up one boring stretch of road. No need for the high beams.

  • Take a Drive on Clinton Road Next Month

    Clinton Road Large

    Beginning June 14th, you can catch this latest horror starring Ice-T in theaters.

  • Knucklebones

    Knucklebones Cover

    A plot with potential ruined by oversexed characters, nonsensical plot threads, and an embarrassingly boring demon.

  • Silent Retreat

    Silent Retreat Poster

    Greg can't stay quiet after watching Silent Retreat

  • Recycled Parts

    Recycled Parts Large

    Pay attention to the road, kids.  You never know when you might hit a pregnant woman with your car.