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  • The horror/thriller stars Seann William Scott.

  • Take your medicine and avoid death on June 7th.

  • We have some stills and the trailer inside!

  • Who is buying houses where murders have taken place, and more importantly, why?

  • Sometimes Demons use technology to get their message across. Sometimes they make you kill yourself. And sometimes both happen. 

  • Alastair Orr's creature brings tourist twenty-somethings into the forests of Panama to be feasted on by a local legend.

  • Joel Harley goes for a masochistic third viewing of Sinister.

  • Horror's hottest players join forces in an attempt to scare you into forgetting video cassettes are almost twenty years old. Did it work? Let's see. 

  • The Squad on DVD.

  • Do you know your Jotnar from your Mountain King? Troll Hunter does.

  • What would you do if you were trapped in a ski-lift for the weekend? Daniel Benson finds out

  • Rosie Fletcher reviews 5ive Girls.