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  • Entropy in Bloom: Stories

    Entropy In Bloom Stories Jeremy Robert Johnson Poster

    This explosive collection is an excellent primer on bizarro horror.

  • The Best Horror of the Year: Volume Eight

    Best Horror Of The Year Volume 8 Ellen Datlow Poster

    The Best Horror of the Year: Volume Eight is another winner from editor Ellen Datlow.

  • I Am Providence

    I Am Providence Nick Mamatas Poster

    Nick Mamatas is one of the most versatile authors working today, and I Am Providence is a testament to his talent.

  • The Last Weekend

    The Last Weekend Nick Mamatas Poster

    With The Last Weekend, Nick Mamatas places zombies in a place where pulp lovers and scholars can equally enjoy them.

  • Terminal Island

    Terminal Island Walter Greatshell 01

    Mike wasn't impressed with his stay on Terminal Island.

  • Dead Roads

    Dead Roads Robin Riopelle 01

    Join our guest reviewer Lauren Jankowski as she travels Robin Riopelle's Dead Roads.

  • Reanimators

    Reanimators Peter Rawlik Large

    Did you know Herbert West had a rival determined to undermine him? Pete Ralik's book Reanimators tells that story, and you're going to want to read it.

  • The Croning

    The Croning Laird Barron 01

    A children's fairy-tale, cracked wide open to reveal a chilling and most unreal picture of the world we live in. Welcome to The Croning.