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  • Devolution

    Devolution Cover

    Earth has been sent back to the stone age, but is there hope on the horizon?  Not really, but look at that big spider!

  • Deadly Class #21

    Deadly Class 21 00

    Marcus runs for his life and all these people die as the fourth story arc comes to a close.

  • Tokyo Ghost: Volume 1 – Atomic Garden

    Tokyo Ghost Volume 1 Cover

    Witness a way more realistic version of Idiocracy in this stunning graphic novel.

  • Devolution #1

    Devolution 1 Cover

    The world has gone to shit and there are a whole lot of cavemen in this amazing debut issue.

  • Bonus Content For Black Science Hardcover Revealed

    Black Science Hardcover 1 Cover

    Image Comics is set to release a massive hardcover edition of the pulp sci-fi series from Rick Remender and Matteo Scalera with some nice back matter.

  • Deadly Class #12

    Deadly Class 12 00

    If there are worse positions to find yourself than a mob boss discovering you holding the severed head of his son next to his adopted daughter, I don't know them.