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  • Check out all the horror games you can get your hands on in May.

  • There's still life in Telltale's The Walking Dead, finding new life in development and new PC exclusivity.

  • Ryan plays through the one-shot demo of Resident Evil 2, trying to survive hordes of the undead, a chilling atmosphere, and his own overwhelming nostalgia.

  • In an alterative reality, a journalist goes in search of her sister aboard an isolated vessel of scientific progress, the Helios.

  • Interview with Radius Gordello, the developer behind the complete remake of P.T. that's scaring gamers all over again.

  • Iris.Fall brings news on its release date to make sure that it reaches their award-winning standards.

  • The Conjuring House becomes The Dark Occult, highlighting its paranormal horror with new features for players who are a little too scared.

  • Ryan explores the world of Bloodbornein Volume 1 and joins the Hunter on a journey of mysteries and monsters.

  • Ryan wants to make sure you're ready for Halloween with a few free horror games to download.

  • Bloody Mary comes into the player's home in the augmented-reality sequel, Night Terrors: Bloody Mary.

  • Ryan takes a trip to Camp Crystal Meph to watch Friday the 13th parody, Camp Death III in 2D!. He's not sure if he'd go back.

  • Ryan dabbles in the occult with another look at the slow-burning horror that is Pyewacket. 

  • Ryan dives in the full evil within now that the two issues of The Evil Within: The Interlude have been wrapped up in a mind-bending graphic novel.

  • Everyone here loves horror, Halloween, and listicles. So here are 13 horror games looking to trick and treat you this Halloween.

  • Ready for a dream come true? Freddy Krueger is coming to Dead by Daylight.

  •  Supermassive Games continue their foray into interactive gaming with group-gathering crime thriller, Hidden Agenda.

  • If Resident Evil and Myst had a baby and it came out in a Super Nintendo cartridge looking like Minecraft, you would have MANTRA.

  • Ryan is beginning to lose his mind in the pages of The Evil Within's prequel comic. Is it worth losing yours, too?

  • Many people head to the US in search of the American Dream, but just how far will Luciana go to make some money?

  • Head into the seedy underbelly of fast-paced cyber-punk shooter, Ruiner. Should you follow?