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  • What Lurks Beneath

    What Lurks Beneath Eddie Generous Poster Large

    Listen, just because the guy is old and rich doesn’t make it a good idea to break into his house.

  • Great Big Teeth

    Great Big Teeth Eddie Generous Large

    That time when a drilling accident unleashed those dinosaurs living under a town.

  • Radio Run

    Radio Run Eddie Generous Poster

    Big monsters, giant insects, and believable characters make Radio Run a fast page-turner.

  • Mountain Sickness

    Mountain Sickness Frank Martin Poster

    Jennifer gets down with the sickness with this exciting tale.

  • Loch Ness Revenge

    Loch Ness Revenge Hunter Shea Poster

    An incomparable, harrowing, and sometimes ridiculously funny thrill ride from a true master.

  • Outbreak: The Hunger

    Outbreak The Hunger Scott Shoyer Poster

    Jennifer takes a bite out of Scott Shoyers Outbreak: The Hunger.