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  • David Moody pulls out all the stops in this third book in "The Final War" series.

  • Joe Ledger's back with blood in his eye and mayhem on his mind.

  • It's been a minute since Shane's been in the house, and he's back today with a glowing review of Scott Thomas' latest novel, Violet.

  • Sometimes mother doesn't really know best.

  • This is not your grandpa’s zombie.

  • A film that seems like a Halloween match made in heaven quickly finds its way straight to Hell.

  • Horror master Laird Barron dips his magical pen in the dark ink of gritty noir and creates a masterpiece in the process.

  •  In which Jim Carrey does his damnedest not to act, and succeeds smashingly...

  • Joe and Kasey Lansdale take readers on a series of haunting, often terrifying adventures sure to leave them breathless and longing for more.

  • With cutting tales simultaneously ominous, brooding, and viscerally horrifying, Eddie Generous brings a welcome flair of originality to his newest collection.

  • David Moody pulls out all the bloody stops in this insane, claustrophobic murderfest.

  • Possibly the most loyal fiction to film adaptation I've ever seen.

  • Cosmic space-opera horror anthology? Yes, please.

  • My favorite fucked up punk rocker is back in this stunning conclusion to "The Vicious Circuit."

  • Editor Mark Morris takes what was once a time honored tradition and makes it new again with some of the best short horror I've encountered in the last decade.

  • Kill Creekturns the ghost story on its head and drags its face through blood and mud on its way to a shockingly violent, tremendous finale.

  • A darkly sensual, artsy cinematic nightmare of potentially apocalyptic proportions.

  • A gut-punch of a collection from the beautifully twisted mind of author Nicholas Day.

  • What do a boy with the head of a pig, a bloody riot in an insane asylum, and a threesome with a rotting corpse all have in common?

  • A bloody after-hours roadtrip spawned in the mind of horror author Bryan Smith. Fun with a capital "Holy Fuck!"