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  • Walker Stalker Con 2017 Review

    Walker Stalker Con London Small

    Sharon and Ilan take a trip to London's Olympia for the massive Walker Stalker Con

  • Emelie

    Emelie Dvd

    Hello, I'm the replacement babysitter.

  • Slumlord

    Slumlord Poster Small

    He's always watching...

  • Grimmfest 2013 Recap

    Grimmfest Square

    Sharon breaks down the happenings at Grimmfest 2013.

  • American Mary

    American Mary Dvd Cover

    Sharon Davies takes a look at the independent horror movie that's taking the genre by storm.

  • Skew

    Skew Dvd Small

    Two guys, one girl and a camera...no not THAT you filthy thing! - Skew unleashes a different form of medicine.

  • 7th Hunt

    7th Hunt Poster Large

    A new face at Horror DNA as Sharon Davies takes a look at independent Australian horror 7th Hunt.