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  • Honeydew

    Honeydew Poster Large

    A genre-bending horror piece.

  • 12 Hour Shift

    12 Hour Shift Poster Large

    Proving dumb white women can screw up just as badly as the men.

  • Alone

    Alone Poster Large

    A horror movie where the protaginst actually makes sensible decisions.

  • Two Heads Creek

    Two Heads Creek Uk Poster Large

    Addressing racism, bigotry and immigration through the medium of cannibalism.

  • Gallowwalkers

    Gallowwalkers Poster Large

    Red and dead, but no redemption for Gallowwalkers, in this undead nightmare.

  • Inheritance

    Inheritance Poster Large

    Impressive cast, the rest not so much.

  • Open 24 Hours

    Open 24 Hours Poster Large

    Who loves the Kwik-E Mart Deer Gas Market? I do!

  • Harpoon

    Harpoon Poster Large

    Chekhov's harpoon gun.

  • A Good Woman is Hard to Find

    A Good Woman Is Hard To Find Poster Large

    Abner Pastoll is back with an impressive thriller.

  • The Dark Red

    The Dark Red Poster Large

    From Arrow Video Frightfest 2019, Ren takes a look at The Dark Red

  • The Furies

    The Furies Poster Large

    Battle Royale crossed with Hostel.

  • The Wind

    The Wind Poster Large

    From Arrow Video Frightfest 2019, Ren takes a look at Emma Tammi's The Wind

  • Feedback

    Feedback Poster Large

    Alpha Papa, is that you?

  • Dark Encounter

    Dark Encounter Poster Large

    From Frightfest 2019, Ren checks out Carl Strathie's sci-fi shocker.

  • The Dark

    The Dark Small

    About a flesh-eating undead ghoul and her relationship with a young blind boy, The Dark is one of the most humane and heart-rending horrors of the year.

  • The Night Eats the World

    The Night Eats The World Small

    The Night Eats the World asks: What would someone really do to survive in the event of a Zombie apocalypse?

  • Boar

    Boar Dvd Small

    That'll do, pig, that'll do.

  • St Agatha

    St Agatha Poster Small

    How much more scary could evil nuns be? Nun more.

  • Bad Samaritan

    Bad Samaritan Small

    From Frightfest 2018, Ren reviews Bad Samaritan.

  • Pyewacket

    Pyewacket Small

    Ryan dabbles in the occult with another look at the slow-burning horror that is Pyewacket.