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  • Dark Screams: Volume One

    Dark Screams Volume One Poster

    Brian James Freeman and Richard Chizmar round up some Dark Screams, and Steve loves each one of them.

  • Doctor Sleep

    Doctor Sleep Stephen King 01

    Guest reviewer Michel Sabourin offers up his thoughts on Stephen King's latest, Doctor Sleep. Michel is a big King fan, so did it live up to his expectations?

  • Joyland

    Joyland 01

    Take a trip to Joyland, where the popcorn is fresh, the coasters are fast, and there's a haunting in the Horror House. Literally.

  • Carrie (2002)

    Carrie 2002 Cover

    Steve reviews the televised version of Stephen King's Carrie.

  • Salem’s Lot (2004)

    Salems Lot 2004 Cover

    So they updated the 1979 TV mini-series Salem's Lot. How is it? Surprisingly decent.

  • Stephen King's IT

    Stephen Kings It Small Cover

    Tim Curry destroys as Pennywise, everyone's favorite clown from Stephen King's IT.

  • Stephen King's The Shining

    Stephen Kings The Shining Small

    Kubrick shmubrick. Steve tells you why Stephen King's The Shining is the one to watch if you are a fan of the novel.