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  • No one that smiles like that can be trusted, especially when they can text you without a damn phone!

  • I’m thankful that horror’s neglected holiday gets some wet and messy love. Grab a napkin and the heavy duty plates.

  • Be careful who you pick on – they may just have access to a vampire. Revenge is thirsty business.

  • Go back to ‘80s horror with the stars who lived it. The horror is strong in this one.

  • Strap in (or don’t; you’re probably safe) for a very pedestrian ride through potentially dark territory.

  • Man’s darkest desires have a new residence…or is it an old one?

  • Yeah, what’s behind that blackness is as bad as you think it is. Are you going to step through?

  • Roll the die on this horror themed take on Jumanji for the Halloween season.

  • What’s that dry patch you feel on your hands? It’s not at all what you’re thinking…

  • I got nothin’ can be a compliment, too. Check this out…

  • The hype is real.

  • You’ve waited patiently for one last party with the Firefly clan. Strap the hell in, buttercup. It’s gonna get messy.

  • Stu talks 3 from Hell with Otis himself, the incomparably cool Bill Moseley!

  • Stu gets the Interview From Heaven with the author of Paperbacks From Hell and screenwriter of Satanic Panic!

  • Check that manly ego at the door and prepare to have some feathers ruffled. You’re going to be uncomfortable.

  • Enjoy the comedy. Choke on the gore. Revel in the blasphemy. Don’t take it too seriously.

  • A British The Evil Dead that isn’t thoroughly cooked, it’s still worth taking a bite of this bloody nugget of fun.

  • Bless me, VelociPastor, for I have definitely sinned. Also, ninjas are following me. Help. 

  • Blending together evil witches, disobedient kids, hot (and conniving) babysitters, and Christmas sounds like my kind of part-time gig!

  • Blasphemy, possession, drink, drugs, & lesbian obsession in beautifully grainy 16mm!