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  • Smart writing and classic styling give this pint-sized horror some real flavor!

  • Big name cameos set up one boring stretch of road. No need for the high beams.

  • Stu probes the disturbed and brilliant of one America's premier SFX artists...

  • Existential dread is some scary stuff if you let it be.

  • You want weird? You sure? I’m asking twice as a disclaimer…

  • A Compton slasher never felt so safe. Where’s the fear?

  • The Devil is in the basement, and all the evil in the future sits behind a couple of padlocks and a cross?!

  • The cosmos holds a surprising amount of action in proportion to the light amount of horror.

  • UK horror with plenty of the wet stuff and a reek of the high cheese. Sound tasty?

  • I got nothin’.

  • Genre maverick Larry Fessenden returns with a Frankenstein tale that pays true homage with a new vantage point.

  • Try and figure out what mixtapes, grief, snow, and cosmic horror all have in common. I’ll wait.

  • Tailor-made for fans of the atmospheric slow burn and religious guilt, it’s time for non-sexual flagellation!

  • Grab your hiking boots and step into a new world of horror in this smart anthology.

  • The convent isn’t always the safest place. Sometimes it’s the exact opposite.

  • Put that talking baby to bed and don’t forget to pack the ice pick, rope, and ball gag. You’re gonna need ‘em.

  • You had me at Jewish horror…you didn’t even need to add period piece or mud monster!

  • Break out the hairspray and crank a power ballad for the film equivalent of a Happy Meal in a Dukes of Hazzard lunchbox!

  • Lin Shaye, Tony Todd, a Z Nation vet, and Djinn trickery make for surprisingly solid wish fulfillment.

  • Stuart talks with The Final Wish actor, Michael Welch.