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  • Bethany

    Bethany Cover

    What happens to our imaginary friends when we grow up?

  • Hunting Grounds

    Hunting Grounds Cover

    A father and son fall on hard times and move to their family's secluded cabin in the woods. Little do they know that a family of Sasquatch are waiting to ruin their lives some more.

  • The Covenant

    The Covenant Small

    Being possessed isn't the weirdest thing that happens in this supernatural film by Robert Conway.

  • The Snare

    The Snare Cover

    Do you like maggots? Hope you like maggots!

  • It Watches

    It Watches Cover

    Andre is house sitting when he starts to hear strange things. Is he alone or is there something more sinister at play?

  • All Girls Weekend

    All Girls Weekend Cover

    Greg would have rather been excluded from this All Girls Weekend.

  • Restoration

    Restoration Cover

    For a movie featuring a teddy bear named Mr. Tickles, Restoration is genuinely terrifying.

  • A Haunting in Cawdor

    A Haunting In Cawdor Cover

    If you don't like Shakespeare, skip this movie. If you do like Shakespeare, skip this movie.

  • Anger of the Dead

    Anger Of The Dead Cover

    Uwe Boll produced this. Fair warning.

  • Deep Dark

    Deep Dark Cover

    The artist's muse can be found in the most unlikely places, including the Deep Dark.

  • Krampus: The Reckoning

    Krampus The Reckoning Cover

    You'd better watch out, you'd better not cry, this movie is awful, that's why.

  • Judas Ghost

    Judas Ghost Cover

    Those British accents *betrayed* me.

  • Krampus: The Reckoning

    Krampus The Reckoning Cover

    I'd prefer a lump of coal in my stocking over this.

  • Blood Moon

    Blood Moon Cover

    The Olsen twins would have made this western more likable.

  • The Redwood Massacre

    The Redwood Massacre Cover

    Campers. Partying. Anniversary of a murder. You know the story.

  • Interview: Justin Price

    Dark Moon Rising Cover

    Dark Moon Rising hits VOD on On Demand on August 4th, 2015. We have an exclusive Q&A with the film's director, Justin Price.

  • The Encounter

    The Encounter Cover

    Camping sucks.

  • Infernal

    Infernal Cover

    The fears of every parent are then realized: time out doesn't do a goddamn thing when your child happens to be possessed by demonic forces.

  • Evangeline

    Evangeline Cover

    If you're a college girl, never follow a frat guy to a decrepit shack in the woods.

  • Hooked Up

    Hooked Up Cover

    Hooked Up bills itself as the first film shot on an iPhone. R.J. wonders if it's just a gimmick.