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  • With Jordan Peele's Us out on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital today, we have a special feature on creepy hidden tunnels.

  • Welcome to Ma Ma Land…

  • Us is proof, if proof was needed, that Jordan Peele is a powerhouse behind the camera, and that horror has a new hero.

  • It comes at night, but what exactly is it?

  • It's anything but undercooked, Ren takes a look at Raw.

  • A welcome return of social commentary to the horror genre, Ren takes a look at Get Out.

  • Universal Pictures reveals new posters for its forthcoming thriller.

  • M. Night Shyamalan is back with a brand new jam. Ren takes a look.

  • The Presidential race heats up with some political Purging and a damn good Punisher impression. 

  • Another take on Robert Eggers' New England folk tale.

  • It’s not all bats, cloaks and cauldrons in Robert Eggers’ 17th century mythological black magic tale The Witch...

  • The only Krampus movie you'll ever need.

  • One, two Krampus is coming for you...

  • Joel gets Cooties

  • Dam silly or a dam good time? Katie Bonham takes a splash with Zombeavers.

  • Mama Dvd Cover SmallGuillermo del Toro resurrects a menacing matriarch. Time to pay another visit to Mama...