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  • Radio is about to get a lot more interesting.

  • God rest ye merry gentlemen. They’ll need it, after all that murdering.

  • A refreshing take on the slasher genre as horror tries to make windmills cool again.

  • The Similars arrives on November 15th. Check out some stills and the trailer from the movie!

  • A delve back into daylight sends Janie off her hinges as this art house chiller shifts into high gear midway thru, but leaves question marks after the curtain fades.

  • Look for the film in October.

  • You've already seen this movie. A lot.

  • Zig joins the tribe and will be moving to Tokyo shortly.

  • If you like half-baked things with gooey centers (the bad kind of gooey), you still shouldn't watch this because Silent Hillis on Netflix.

  • Driving really sucks when a vigilante tow truck wants you and your friend dead. Just saying.

  • XLrator Media picks up distribution rights to the Canadian T.V. series.

  • i-Lived is another movie about evil lurking on the internet. But on the bright side, it's not Unfriended!

  • A nice attempt at the scientific vampire genre, but the strange blood isn’t enough to help it.

  • Sit down, shut up, and say cheese!

  • Delve into the world of underground surgery, body modification, and systematic, thorough revenge.

    Warning! This review contains images that could be Not Safe For Work!