• Clowns Vs. Spiders

    Clowns. Spiders. A fight to the death. Leave it to Jeff Strand to bring this epic battle to the pages.

  • The Festering Ones

    A childhood trauma is never truly forgotten…

  • Nomad

    Looking for a beach read that moves like a bullet? Jamie Nash's Nomad may be it.

  • Darkness on the Horizon

    A secret vampire family arrives in a small American town.

  • Quilt

    Short, but not too sharp, serial killer thriller

  • The Wash

    The Wash is a thriller blended with Aztec mythology.

  • Blanky

    Wiith Blanky, Kealan Patrick Burke explores impossible horrors and some that are too real.

  • School's Out

    With School's Out, Brian Keene does it again, and offers an extra emotional punch.

  • Void

    Mike takes a trip into the void and finds it all a little meh.

  • Thrill

    Mike jumps in the car for the ride, but doesn't necessarily get a Thrill.

  • Acetone Enema

    Nicholas Alan Tillemans brings you plenty of strange sex and horror in Acetone Enema.