• The Lucky Ones Died First

    Jack Bantry breathes new life into splatterpunk with a fiesty take on a cryptozoological classic.

  • Terra Insanus

    Edward Lee is much more than the king of hardcore horror, and Terra Insanus is proof of that.

  • Punk Rock Ghost Story

    Punk may be dead, but it won't stay buried.

  • The Complex

    Brian Keene delivers plenty of horror and a superb look at human interaction in The Complex.

  • Header

    Deadite Press releases Header, one of Edward Lee's hardcore horror classics.

  • Hero

    Wrath James White and JF Gonzalez deliver smart, horrific tension in Hero.

  • Whargoul

    We have a new guest reviewer with Horror DNA as Gabino Iglesias gives you his take on the Bizarro book Whargoul.