• The Fleshless Man

    Know what happens when you die? The Fleshless Man pays you a visit. Sleep tight.

  • When We Join Jesus in Hell

    When We Join Jesus in Hell is poetry for people who hate poetry.

  • The Rain Dancers

    In The Rain Dancers, Greg F. Gifune will never have you looking at cuckolding the same way again.

  • Puppet Graveyard

    Puppet Graveyard. Hell, the title alone of Tim Curran's novella is enough to drum up some nightmares.

  • Apartment Seven

    Greg F. Gifune delivers emotionally gritty, cerebral horror in Apartment Seven.

  • The Condemned

    Even in a post-apocalyptic world you still can't trust the government.

  • Infinity Twice Removed

    What would you do if the person that slaughtered your entire family starts killing again twenty years later. What if that person was supposed to be dead by your hands?

  • Skullbelly

    Four kids go into the woods, one comes out. Bloody. Battered. Near catatonic. Can private detective John Jeffers find out what happened?

  • Fangboy

    Like dark humor mixed in with some child abuse? Fangboymay be right up your alley.

  • It Drinks Blood

    Steve embarks on a mystery in J.F. Gonzalez's latest novella, It Drinks Blood.