• Captain Clive’s Dreamworld

    Once you arrive at Captain Clive’s Dreamworld you might never leave…

  • The Unyielding

    With The Unyielding, Gary J. Shipley shows once again why he is the master of dripping, surreal, bizarre horror.

  • The Warblers

    With The Warblers, Amber Fallon cements herself as one of the strongest voices in the newest generation of weird horror fiction authors.

  • King Space Void

    Anthony Trevino's bizarro tale of Innerspace meets Galactus.

  • House Hunter

    S.T. Cartledge brings you epic house battles and plenty of weirdness in House Hunter.

  • Avoiding Mortimer

    If you're craving some smart bizarro, look no further than J.W. Wargo's Avoiding Mortimer.

  • Placenta of Love

    Celebrate the placenta with Spike Marlowe's Placenta of Love.

  • Party Wolves in My Skull

    In Party Wolves in My Skull, author Michael Allen Rose explores what might happen if you don't take care of your eyes.

  • Hooray for Death!

    Famous Author Mykle Hansen tackles death and Stephen King in a new short fiction collection.

  • Gargoyle Girls of Spider Island

    Cameron Pierce's Gargoyle Girls of Spider Island could be the most deranged island horror story ever.

  • A Hollow Cube is a Lonely Space

    If you like strange stories with a literary slant, give S.D. Foster's A Hollow Cube is a Lonely Space a try.

  • Trashland A Go-Go

    The New Bizarro Author Series is an imprint of Eraserhead Press. Every year, the NBAS serves to introduce readers to new authors in the Bizarro genre. With names like Kevin Shamel, David W. Barbee and Eric Mays seeing print for the first time ever in this series, the NBAS is a launching pad for the writers that we'll be reading for years to come. In 2011, Troy Chambers, Constance Ann Fitzgerald, Spike Marlowe, Vince Kramer, Justin Grimbol, S.D. Foster, Eric Beeny and Michael Allen Rose