• Later

    Don’t open this sucker until you have the time, or you will be blowing someone off.

  • Stephen King's Later Arrives Next Month

    Titan Books to release this latest entry in the Hard Case Crime series.

  • Thieves Fall Out

    In Thieves Fall Out, Gore Vidal proves that cliches can be a lot of fun if the author using them has the chops to make them feel like new.

  • The Secret Lives of Married Women

    Elissa Wald delivers equal doses of crime, sex, and feelings in The Secret Lives of Married Women.

  • Joyland

    Take a trip to Joyland, where the popcorn is fresh, the coasters are fast, and there's a haunting in the Horror House. Literally.

  • The Comedy is Finished

    The Comedy is Finished gives Donald E. Westlake fans something new, but there might be a reason it was never published before.

  • Getting Off

    With a main character that's as lovable as she's vicious, Lawrence Block explores the dark side of vengeance and sexuality in Getting Off.