• When I Consume You

    A gritty, slow-burn urban folktale about family, damnation, and redemption.

  • Medusa

    Behind the mask of religious purity and perfection, repressed desires begin to emerge for Mari.

  • The Pain Eater

    Pain and pleasure dance together in this captivating horror story.

  • The Sacrifice of Anton Stacey

    A brutal and poignant story about the power of family, and the horrors we can’t escape.

  • Ghosts of the Ozarks

    With a strong cast, and solid acting, where this horror western fails with substance, it makes up with heart.

  • Spontaneous Human Combustion

    Spontaneous Human Combustion is a collection of stories that radiates the depth of the human condition, told with a master's touch.

  • Breeder

    There is a breathless raw intensity throughout Jens Dahl’s horror thriller, Breeder, that sustains this interesting take on human mortality.

  • Achoura

    Achoura follows a group of four friends plagued by the trauma of events some twenty five years previous. They will soon discover that some memories are best left forgotten.

  • Midnight in the City of the Carrion Kid

    There is a fearlessness to how James Carlson writes stories that needs to be recognised and applauded.

  • The Burning Boy & Other Stories

    Author Denver Grennel starts strong with the opening story and continues that trend in his collection, The Burning Boy & Other Stories.