• Possessor Uncut

    Brandon Cronenberg keeps body horror in the family with a tale of mind control and assassinations.

  • Z

    Z wants a friend to play with and unfortunately for one family, the child isn't enough.

  • The Unfamiliar

    PTSD and cultural appropriation are the true horrors in this film by Henk Pretorious.

  • Hang Up!

    One unwanted phone call can change everything.

  • Room for Rent

    John packs his bags to stay in a Room for Rent.

  • Excellent Ernesto Cousins 3/Wrestlevania: A Play-Your-Way Book (Midnight Arcade)

    More page-flipping adventures brings readers into a world of Luchidors, monsters and lots of jumping.

  • Mail Order Monster

    After the death of her mother, a young girl finds a friend in the most unlikely of places.

  • Alien: The Cold Forge

    A new installation. New victims. The same company. Familiar horrors.

  • Crypt Quest/Space Battles: A Play-Your-Way Book (Midnight Arcade)

    Battle through space and a haunted crypt in this choose your own adventure series, chock-full of nostalgia.

  • Ghost Towns of New Jersey: A Tour of Our Forgotten Places

    Timothy Regan takes visitors on a tour of New Jersey's ghost towns to prove that the Garden State is much more than just guidos and bad traffic.

  • The Mist - Season 01, Episode 05: "The Waiting Room"

    Kevin and the group reach the hospital just in time to save Bryan. Kevin crosses paths with his estranged brother.

  • Resident Evil: Vendetta

    John checks out the third film in a trilogy without seeing the first two. Let's see how that goes.

  • The Mist - Season 01, Episode 04: "Pequod"

    New monsters, a new location and some more untimely deaths affect Bridgeville as the mist settles in deeper.

  • The Mist - Season 01, Episode 03: "Show and Tell"

    Escape plans and alliances are formed as more monsters make their mark in the latest installment of The Mist.

  • The Mist - Season 01, Episode 02: "Withdrawal"

    John ventures into The Mist for a second time.

  • The Mist - Season 1, Episode 1: "Pilot"

    Stephen King's novella turned full length feature now gets its very own television series, filled with cloudy, scary, gory enjoyment.

  • The Blackcoats's Daughter

    Two girls forgotten at their boarding school is just the tip of the iceberg in this supernatural materpiece by Osgood Perkins.

  • Sylvio

    Ghost recordist Juliette wanders a seemingly abandoned theme park, recording the voices of the deceased. Little does she know there is something more sinister waiting for her than just the dead.

  • Hunting Grounds

    A father and son fall on hard times and move to their family's secluded cabin in the woods. Little do they know that a family of Sasquatch are waiting to ruin their lives some more.

  • The Covenant

    Being possessed isn't the weirdest thing that happens in this supernatural film by Robert Conway.

  • It Watches

    Andre is house sitting when he starts to hear strange things. Is he alone or is there something more sinister at play?

  • West Virginia's Dark Tourism

    Tony Urban invites you to explore West Virginia's haunting, dark and sometimes quirky landmarks, as he highlights what the state offers travelers.

  • The Phoenix Incident

    Three friends learn the true meaning of horror when they experience the Phoenix Lights, a UFO phemonenon seen in Arizona in 1997.

  • The Monster

    A mother and daughter's already struggling relationship will be put to the untimate test when their car breaks down through the nearby woods.

  • The Windmill

    A refreshing take on the slasher genre as horror tries to make windmills cool again.

  • Welcome To Deadland

    In a world overrun by zombies, the lives of three young adults will cross paths and change them all forever.

  • Inside

    A boy on the run will have to hide, outwit and traverse mysterious environments where not everything is as it seems.

  • Observance

    A former Private Investigator returns to the job after the death of his son but not all is what it seems in the house he's taken up residence in.

  • The Perfect Husband

    A mountain getaway cannot save this couple's failed marriage from blood, blood and more blood.

  • Heir

    A father, son and friend have a super uncomfortable lunch and two thirds of them turn into monsters.

  • The Horror

    The Horror is effectively bleak, but just misses the mark.

  • Tickled

    A documentary that is one part light-hearted fun and two parts what the fuck am I watching?

  • The Offering

    Sometimes Demons use technology to get their message across. Sometimes they make you kill yourself. And sometimes both happen. 

  • Hangman

    Do you think you're home alone? Think again.

  • Resident Evil 0: HD Remaster

    Capcom re-releases a prequel to their zombie franchise that is guaranteed to tickle your nostalgia bone.

  • Oxenfree

    Nostalgia and creepiness run rampant in this dialogue-driven friend adventure game by Night School Studio.

  • The Maker's Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse

    Simon Monk equips everyone with the means to survive the zombie apocalypse with DIY projects geared to avoid becoming someone else's dinner.

  • Wrecker

    Driving really sucks when a vigilante tow truck wants you and your friend dead. Just saying.

  • The Inhabitants

    A couple fulfills their dream of owning a bed and breakfast without checking whether or not it had a haunted and deadly past. Amateur mistake.

  • Whispering Willows

    Follow Elena on her quest to find her father and save spirits from their horrible fates in Night Light Interactive's ghostly adventure.

  • In the Dark

    Demons feast on the soul of an unsuspecting young female because that's what demons do in the supernatural film by David Spaltro.

  • The Town That Dreaded Sundown

    A modern slasher film that breathes life into a genre that deeply needs it.

  • The Visitor

    A short film by Ian Kane that makes you wish you didn't live alone, you sad bastard.

  • The Evil Within: The Assignment DLC

    Discover the whereabouts of Detective Juli Kidman and what her true intentions are in this first released DLC for The Evil Within.

  • Slender: The Arrival

    Explore your surroundings. Gather the pages. Run for your life.

  • Cut!

    When making a horror movie, business partners decide actually killing people will be better than having a plot and actors. 

  • Infernal

    The fears of every parent are then realized: time out doesn't do a goddamn thing when your child happens to be possessed by demonic forces.

  • Resident Evil HD Remaster

    Capcom remasters a horror classic in beautiful HD that will make you giddier than a school girl hunting zombies.

  • Creeper

    No one is safe on the internet. Not even crazy 20-something bitches.

  • Lights Camera Booze

    Binge drinking to your favorite movies with friends (or alone, you sad bastard) just became more fun and easier thanks to this handy cinematic guide!

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