• Jedi Summer

    Grab your Mongoose, Diamond Back, or Huffy and take a trip back to the '80s with John Boden's Jedi Summer.

  • Lambs Among Wolves

    A hard-as-nails grandad exorcist priest kicks demon ass.

  • Slattery Falls

    LaFaro gave me all the feels and chills ensuring I would only read this book with the curtains wide open in the daylight…

  • Ride or Die

    Ride or Die takes you on a BFF mission to hell when three teen girls learn that revenge isn’t always best served cold…or at all.

  • Wormwood

    A shocking coming-of-age tale that seamlessly blends the voice of two of the best horror authors writing today.

  • Savage Island

    A jungle nightmare awaits a group of naive stranded tourists.

  • Malignant Summer

    Even an SPF 666 won’t help you from these ultra-violent rays.

  • The Crucifixion Experiments

    Priests are gruesomely crucified in fast-paced thriller

  • The Devil’s Mistress

    David Barclay’s The Devil’s Mistress is a historical tale about witchcraft and devilry which takes a dark twist. Sometimes the scariest stories are those based on actual events.

  • Dead Daughters

    Tim Meyer knocks it out of the park again, showing us he is a true chameleon and able to blend genres with ease.

  • Slaves to Gravity

    You'll be a slave to this exciting story.

  • The Prisoners of Stewartville

    You won't want to escape this twisty tale of the horrors within.

  • Seven Cleopatra Hill

    Terror follows a huge snowstorm isolating a remote hotel from the outside world.

  • Coleridge

    Tragedy awaits a couple who buy an old house with a murky history.

  • The Corruption of Alston House

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  • Midnight in the Graveyard

    Midnight in the Graveyard unearths one winning story after another.

  • In the Scrape

    Two young brothers dream of escaping from their abusive father.