• Fall of Grace

    It takes a demon to beat a demon in rough-and-ready indie Fall of Grace but what does it take to make a decent horror? Let's find out...

  • Under The Shadow

    Iran puts out yet another impressive horror movie.

  • The Absent One

    Nordic thriller The Absent One gets in over its head while searching for a mystery killer. Does it come out on top? Let's find out...

  • Hank Boyd is Dead

    Thought your family was weird? You haven't seen anything yet. Newcomer Sean Melia introduces us to a strange group with his debut feature Hank Boyd is Dead. Here's what we thought...

  • Automata

    Spanish director Gabe Ibáñez shows us an unsettling glimpse into a robotics-run future in one of the most interesting and thoughful sci-fis of recent years.

  • Hooked Up

    Hooked Up is the first feature film to be shot entirely with an iPhone but does that make it any good? Time to find out...

  • Interview: Wendy Glenn

    World War Dead: Rise of The Fallen star Wendy Glenn talks to us about crafting the perfect American accent, what her weapon of choice would be in a zombie apocalypse and surviving found-footage night shoots...

  • Interview: Christoph Behl

    We talk to writer director Christoph Bell about his thought-provoking zombie drama What's Left of Us.

  • The Guest

    Simon takes a look at Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett's action thriller.

  • Raven's Cabin

    Monster Pictures heads to the woods but does it emerge unscathed? Time to find out...

  • You're Next

    Make sure your doors are locked as it's time for a new home invasion horror, but is You're Next any good? Let's find out...

  • A Field In England

    Ben Wheatley's A Field in England was such a popular release with Horror DNA's staff that three reviewers wanted to cover it. Rather than have a fight, we present all three views of the film here.

  • Mama

    mama-dvd-cover-smallGuillermo del Toro resurrects a menacing matriarch. Time to pay another visit to Mama...

  • Rabies

    We get Rabies – the movie not the viral disease – and decide try to decide whether or not it's worth having...

  • V/H/S

    Horror's hottest players join forces in an attempt to scare you into forgetting video cassettes are almost twenty years old. Did it work? Let's see. 

  • Berberian Sound Studio

    The visceral Giallo horror genre grips hold of a timid British sound man in Peter Strickland's psychological thriller. Will he survive?

  • Interview: Eduardo Sanchez

    The director of The Blair Witch Projectdiscusses his latest horror movie, Lovely Molly

  • Red Kingdom Rising

    Brit newcomer Navin Dev serves up a nightmarish fantasy for his movie debut. Simon Bland discovers whether or not he's one to watch.

  • Vile

    Simon Bland defines a new genre, "gore-ture" in his review of Vile. You heard it here first, kids.