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Locke And Key Season 03 Poster Large

Time for our last trip to Keyhouse. I’m not crying…you are.

Locke And Key Season 2 Poster Large

We’re going back to Keyhouse to see which doors we can open this time…

Chapelwaite Poster Large

The worm has most definitely turned.

Shock Docs S01 E06 The Devil Made Me Do It Poster Large

Jeff certainly isn't sold on the Devil's involvement here.

Into The Dark S02 E12 Blood Moon Poster Large

You might want to put on gloves. Then again, you might not.

Into The Dark S02 E11 Tentacles Poster Large

Just horrific enough to be the perfect Valentine’s Day film to watch with your partner!

The Stand Episode 1 The End Poster Large

It’s the end of the world as we know it for a new generation.

Exhumed A History Of Zombies Poster Large

Where did zombies come from?

Shock Docs S01 E01 Devils Road The True Story Of Ed And Lorraine Warren Poster Large

The first episode of Shock Docs features the Warrens, Annabelle, and a lot of cheesy effects.

The Haunting Of Bly Manor Poster Large

This is NOT a joke, y’all – classic Gothic horror and romance are alive and well. They’re also potently terrifying.

The Outsider Season 01 Poster Large

Stephen King adaptations are always hit or miss. Where does The Outsider stand?

Into The Dark S02 E10 The Current Occupant Poster Large

What do you mean, “Is the firework stand real?” Seriously?

Into The Dark S02 E09 Good Boy Poster Large

Into the Dark hasn’t been this fun since last Thanksgiving. Just go with it.

Into The Dark S02 E08 Delivered Poster Large

If you’ve seen one dreadfully average baby, you’ve seen ‘em all.

True Terror With Robert Englund Season 01 Poster Large

It’s time to finish out this bloody trip down America’s dark halls with some deadly warnings. Listen up.

50 States Of Fright S01 Poster Large

A legitimate horror god returns to his roots to tell you a nasty little story…

True Terror With Robert Englund Season 01 Poster Large

Some of these ghosts work to perfection and others are a tad see-through.

True Terror With Robert Englund Season 01 Poster Large

Time for an episode that hits close to home and hews a little closer to the bone, folks.

Cursed Films S01 Poster Large

Uh-oh…the finale episode is going there. Strap in. I’m warning you.

Cursed Films S01 Poster Large

Tragedy, bad omens, and raw emotion blend in a powerful episode about a flat-out legendary film.


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