Channel Zero - Season 02, Episode 01: "The No-End House" TV Episode Review

Written by Ali Chappell

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Directed by Steven Piet
Written by Nick Antosca, based on the CreepyPasta tales by Brian Russell
2017, 43 minutes, Rated TV-14
Episode premiered on September 20th, 2017

Amy Forsyth as Margot Sleator
John Caroll Lynch as John Sleator
Aisha Dee as Jules
Kyla Kane as Allison Koja
Jeff Ward as Seth



Channel Zero: Season 2 brings a fresh new take to horror. This traumatizing thrill ride will have you begging… no, pleading…no, attempting to murder someone for the next episode. I know I was. We open the first episode with Margot (May Forsyth) hanging solo in her home until her friend, Jules (Aisha Dee), forces her to come out of her shell and enjoy the summer a bit more.

They both go to a party and meet up with some other friends of theirs and decide to check out an interactive art installation exhibit being held at a big black house at the end of the street. Pretty creepy and weird right off the bat. The exhibit is called “The No-End House” and contains six rooms in total. They all enter with wide eyes and open minds, looking for an interesting story to tell later. As they pass through each room they start to realize this exhibit is curated especially for them. The room full of busts resemble each one of them. Eventually, like every typical horror film, they get separated and are forced to face these rooms alone. This is where things get freaky.

Back story: A year ago Margot found her father, John (John Caroll Lynch), dead, sitting on the couch, watching TV. Traumatizing.


When Margot enters the room, it’s a triangle shaped wall where they have projected videos of her father. If that wasn’t enough to make you want to have an emotional breakdown, they force her into room 5. THIS IS WHERE THINGS GET CRAZY. It’s her living room on that traumatizing night, and she is forced to relive it once again. Speaking from someone who has lost their dad, that would ruin me forever. There is no coming back from being in that moment ever again.

I’m going to stop there because I don’t want to spoil the ending of the episode but holy damn, this is going to be a great second season. John Caroll Lynch needs to be in everything, he is just perfection. Whether he is Drew Carey’s older brother or a Zodiac suspect, he is amazing. This season has some amazing potential to not only terrify the viewer but give you a feeling of impending doom the more the it progress. While I have my predictions about the show (one of them being that they all never really left the house and they are all inside Room 6), I just know this will become a cult classic TV show among the likes of Black Mirror.



Episode: 5 Star Rating Cover

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