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Into The Dark S02 E01 Uncanny Annie Large

Roll the die on this horror themed take on Jumanji for the Halloween season.

Into The Dark S01 E12 Pure Large

Check that manly ego at the door and prepare to have some feathers ruffled. You’re going to be uncomfortable.

Into The Dark S01 E11 School Spirit Large

High school is a real bitch, but this is just ridiculous…

Into The Dark S01 E10 Culture Shock Large

The American Dream. Redefined. Are you ready for it?

Into The Dark S01 E08 All That We Destroy Large

Sometimes mother doesn't really know best.

Folklore S01 Large

Folklore unfortunately goes out with a whimper.

Folklore S01 Large

Episode 5 of Folklore, "Toyol," is about the angry ghost of a baby, proving once again that children are just the worst.

Folklore S01 Large

Folklore lightens up a little for episode 4, and does much better because of it.

Folklore S01 Large

Folklore - Episode 3 takes us to Singapore, where we meet a pontianak and indirectly learn about the importance of labor unions.

Folklore S01 Large

Few things frustrate a genre fan as much as wasted potential.

Folklore S01 Large

With Episode 1, set in Jakarta, Folklore is off to a mediocre start.

Black Lake Svartsjon Poster

The perfect cure for the '80s ski resort movie: a brooding Scandinavian murder drama.

The Exorcist Season 2

FOX's The Exorcist is back for a second season, so how did it kick off?

Lore Poster

Find out the truth behind the lore on Amazon Prime's latest series.

Son Of Sam The Hunt For A Killer 02

Investigative Discovery’s latest is an insight into one of the worst summers in US history, and the documentary lets viewers relive the insanity felt throughout New York City in 1977.

Channel Zero Season 02 Poster

I'm already messed up. I need my fix of Channel Zero.

The Mist Poster

Kevin and the group reach the hospital just in time to save Bryan. Kevin crosses paths with his estranged brother.

The Mist Poster

New monsters, a new location and some more untimely deaths affect Bridgeville as the mist settles in deeper.

The Mist Poster

Escape plans and alliances are formed as more monsters make their mark in the latest installment of The Mist.

The Mist Poster

John ventures into The Mist for a second time.


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