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Aquarius Season 01 Cover

David Duchovny takes a trip to 1960s as an LAPD detective, and visits a fictionalized version of Charles Manson.

Wayward Pines Season 01 Cover

R.J. pays a visit to the strange town of Wayward Pines.

The Strain Season 02 E11 Cover

After last episodes free fall, out comes the parachute! "Dead End" loses velocity, runs into a brick wall (literally) and tries to piece itself back together.

The Strain Season 02 E10 Cover

Keeping momentum going from last episode, tension is rising and "The Assassin" delivers.

The Strain Season 02 E09 Cover

As the finale slowly approaches, The Strain is back on track, though the show can ease up on the melodramatics.

The Strain Season 02 E08 Cover

"Intruders" is a low point in Season 2, but there is much worse to watch on television.

The Strain Season 02 E07 Cover

As Eph returns to New York City, "The Born" has arrived and the hunt for the Master is on.

Fear The Walking Dead Poster Small

Something's coming.

The Strain Season 02 E06 Cover

Halfway through season two, Giuseppe is really sinking his teeth into The Strain and enjoying the taste.

The Strain Season 02 E05 Cover

This episode gets down to the nitty gritty of what makes The Strain bad-ass.

The Strain Season 02 E04 Cover

Giuseppe feels the pace picking up on episode four of The Strain. Warning! This recap contains spoilers!

The Strain Season 02 E03 Cover

The week's episode slows down in pace, but "Fort Defiance" still holds up.

The Strain Season 02 E02 Cover

Giuseppe recaps the second episode of season two, as The Strain gets things done "By Any Means".

The Strain Season 02 E01 Cover

The second season of The Strain has kicked off, and Giuseppe brings you a recap of the first episode, "BK, NY".

True Supernatural Cover

True Supernatural brings a new level of 'meh' to TV documentary filmmaking.

Twd S05e08 Small

Since the second episode, The Walking Dead has been a big pile of meh. Will this final episode before the season break be any better?

Warning! This discussion contains spoilers!

Twd S05e07 SmallWhat do you do when you're in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, one member of your group is unconcious and another may have slipped into a depression? Why you teach the remaining members to fish, of course.


Warning! This recap does contain spoilers.



Twd S05e06 SmallFor those of you who have been waiting for your Daryl and Carol episode, wait no more! The platonic duo are the centerpiece of "Consumed", this week’s episode of The Walking Dead.



Twd S05e05 SmallIt's criminal that this episode wasn't called Tennessee Tophat.



Twd S05e04 SmallAn isolated dip in quality or a disappointing return to form for The Walking Dead? Steve and Dan discuss.




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