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Walking Dead S4 E07 CoverSteve and TGM are playing catch up because of the holidays. Today they recap last week's Brian-centric episode. But, hey, at least this one wasn’t as bad.

Warning! This discussion contains spoilers!

The Twilight Zone Complete Series FrontRod Serling's classic TV series in its amazing entirety that you'll have to shun your loved ones to complete!

Walking Dead S4 06 CoverThe Governor returns to The Walking Dead not with a bang, but a very quiet whimper.

Warning! This recap contains spoilers.

Walking Dead S4 E05 CoverHershel proves that he’s one tough sumnabitch, a lot of people we don’t care about die, Daryl still doesn’t know Carol’s fate, father and son bonding is taken to a whole new level, and an old friend rears his ugly one-eyed head in the latest episode of The Walking Dead.

Warning! This discussion contains spoilers!

Walking Dead S4 E04 CoverThis episode of The Walking Dead, aptly title "Indifference", saw Bob still struggling with both the bottle and Daryl, Tyreese ineffectively trying to intimidate Michonne, and a surprise decision made by Rick that not only should have quite the impact on the show, but turns TGM's opinion on him as well.

WARNING! This recap contains major spoilers.

Walking Dead S4 E03 CoverThe residents of the prison are getting sicker, Hershel takes some chances, Daryl, Michone, Bob, and Tyreese go on a road trip, and Carol shares some secrets. And even with all of that, not a lot happens in this episode of The Walking Dead.

Warning! This recap contains spoilers!

Walking Dead S4 E02 CoverWhen you have to destroy bacon, you’re having a bad day.

WARNING! This discussion contains spoilers!

Walking Dead S4 E01 CoverA new season of The Walking Dead started on Sunday, and Steve and TGM start their weekly discussion/bickering once again.

WARNING! This discussion contains spoilers.

Bates Motel Season One Cover

Spend some time at the fabulous Bates Motel. Amenities include free cable, continental breakfast, and a whole lot of crazy.

teen-wolf-season-2-coverMTV's werewolf drama barrels on with new hunters and new creatures.

Reaper Reunion Special Fearnet 00

Fans of the show Reaper are in for a treat with this FEARnet reunion special.

Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 16 CoverInstead of the expected bang, The Walking Dead ends its season with a whimper. Join Steve and TGM as they discuss season three's finale.

Warning! There are spoilers in this recap.

walking-dead-season-3-episode-15-coverIn this week's discussion of The Walking Dead, TGM and Steve don't miss the lack of Andrea, finalize their death pool, and discuss the potential of a bet that neither want to lose.

WARNING! This discussion contains major spoilers.

Season 3 Episode 14 CoverSunday's The Walking Dead was all about Andrea. This very special episode was not something Steve and TGM were asking for.

Warning! There are spoilers contained within!

Season 3 Episode 13 CoverOn this week's discussion of The Walking Dead, Steve still can't quit Shane, TGM is finding it harder to believe in Rick, and both still agree that Andrea is useless. But don't we all?

Warning, there are spoilers contained within!

The Walking Dead S3 E12 CoverIn this week's The Walking Dead discussion, Steve scolds AMC for spoiling the episode before it even started, TGM wonders who is driving the Hyundai and both believe Carl is growing into a fine, young killing machine.

Warning, this review contains spoilers!

Walking Dead S3 E11 Cover

Join us for this week's Walking Dead discussion where we focus on the pros and cons of killing infants, Merle's intentions, Andrea's redemption, and the over/under on how many episodes one-legged Hershel will likely remain alive.

Warning! This discussion contains spoilers!

walking-dead-s3-e10-coverThis Walking Dead discussion includes the coolness of Daryl Dixon, speculation on who won't make it through the season, Carol's lady parts, and letters to Penthouse Forum.

Warning! This review contains massive spoilers.

fear-itself-dvd-smallJoel Harley takes a look at Lionsgate's release of the Masters of Horror follow-up.

Walking Dead S03 E09 CoverThe mid-season finale of season three of The Walking Dead premiered on Sunday. Check out what Steve and TGM had to say about it.

Warning! This discussion contains mild spoilers.


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