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The Following CoverThe Following has a lot of potential if it can make it through the first season.

Chiller Tv Series CoverTed spent his Christmas vacation watching and reviewing the U.K. series Chiller in its entirety. He would have been happier with a lump of coal…

The Complete Hammer House Of Horror CoverZig invites you to stay a while at the Hammer House and enjoy a series of creepy tales in time for Halloween!

Misfits Season 3 Dvd Small

Joel Harley takes a look at Season 3 of the UK TV series Misfits.

Walking Dead S2 E05 CoverIn this episode of The Walking Dead, Shane tells it like it is, Dale sees his brother in a fever dream, and Andrea hopefully learns to think before she shoots.

Warning! This discussion contains spoilers!

Walking Dead S2 E04 CoverThis week Steve and James surprisingly don’t talk about how much Lori sucks.  They do discuss zombie children, Rick’s savior syndrome, and other terms for pregnancy tests.

Note, this contains spoilers.

Walking Dead S2 E03 CoverIn this episode of The Walking Dead, the cast talks about their feelings, Shane gets a haircut and Steve and James have their first fight.

WARNING! This review contains spoilers!

Walking Dead S2 E2 CoverWho's the true leader of the group?  What's up with Rick?  And who does Steve look like?

James and Steve talk about these very things in their discussion of The Walking Dead: Bloodletting.

Walking Dead S2 E1 CoverSeason two kicked off with a bang, church bells, and a confusing debate over gun control.

Walking Dead S01e06James and Steve wrap up their little tea party with their review of the final episode of The Walking Dead: "TS-19".

Note, this review contains spoilers.

Walking Dead S01e05James and Steve keep their Walking Dead discussion rolling with Episode 5, "Wildfire".

Note, this review contains spoilers.

Walking Dead S01e04No gang members were injured in the making of Steve and James' review of Episode 4 of The Walking Dead.

Note, this review contains spoilers.

Walking Dead S01e03James and Steve discuss why it's not easy being green in this week's episode of The Walking Dead: "Tell it to the Frogs".

Walking Dead S01e02James and Steve check out episode two of The Walking Dead: "Guts". Not to be confused with the hit Nickelodeon show of the same name from the mid-90s.

Walking Dead S01e01Have you seen the first episode of The Walking Dead, yet? Well James and Steve have, and they discuss their thoughts over a nice cup of tea.

And All Through The House Poster Large

Not everyone can watch It's A Wonderful Life or A Charlie Brown Christmas without pulling out their hair.

Counter programming has led to annual screenings of A Christmas Story, Trading Places and Bad Santa.

Action fans may find themselves watching Die Hard 1 & 2, Lethal Weapon or even Batman Returns.

Horror fans may watch titles simply set in the month of December: The Amityville Horror or The Legend of Hell House.

Surely the obvious can't be it?

For these 12 Days of Christmas, Robert Gold has made a list (and checked it twice!) of some of the lesser watched horror films set during this fine holiday season. Which horror films made Santa Robert Gold's list?

Today, on the first day of Christmas, Robert Gold brings you his thoughts on both versions of Tales From the Crypt's And All Through the House.

Masters Of Horror Sounds Like Cover

Steve reviews Masters of Horror: "Sounds Like".

Masters Of Horror Pelts Cover

Steve reviews Dario Argento's Masters of Horror offering: Pelts.


Sham reviews Swamp Thing: The Series


Sham reviews Tales from the Crypt: The Complete Fifth Season.


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