Riverdale - Season 01, Episode 07: "In a Lonely Place" TV Episode Review

Written by Ali Chappell

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Directed by Allison Anders
Written by Roberto Aquirre-Sacasa and Aaron Allen
2017, Rated TV-14
Episode premiered on March 17th, 2017

K.J Apa as Archie Andrews
Lili Reinhart as Betty Cooper
Camila Mendes as Veronica Lodge
Cole Sprouse as Jughead Jones
Madchen Amick as Alice Cooper
Madeline Petsch as Cheryl Blossom
Tiera Skovbye as Polly Cooper


This episode of Riverdale has the all-time best opening scene. The whole gang, sitting around the dinner table dressed up as though they were a live action version of the comic strip. If you were a fan of the comic growing up, this intro probably punched you in the heart. The fact they look exactly how I pictured the characters of the old comic book looking in real life is magnificent.

Let’s just get this out of the way up front: Archie is still the worst character on this show. However, I really enjoy that him and Jughead are developing a bromance. Like they should. Archie finds out that Jughead is living in the school and asks him if he wants to move with him. It’s a great moment and it slightly takes away from how terrible Archie’s character is.

Now is where the storyline starts getting more meaty and great. One of Cheryl’s minions overhears a conversation that Polly is on the lamb right after they found the car torched. So Cheryl informs both her mother and the sheriff that they better find Polly before she does. The hunt is on.

Alice Cooper puts her family in front of the cameras and announces to everyone that Polly is pregnant with Jason’s baby and just wants her to come home. Of course, this brings out a completely new (hopefully not vindictive) side of Cheryl, who approaches Betty to say that she just wants to help the baby. Cheryl is straight up my favorite character. She might be a mean girl, but when it comes down to it, she is there in a crisis. Even at the end of the show, when we see that the Blossoms are up to no good, Cheryl betrays her own family to protect Polly. This is really shows that some people are inherently good.

While this installment is filled with family drama, and baby mama drama, and dead brother drama, I enjoy that they loosen up a bit by adding in the clubbing scene. It is in the true form of the CW. When an episode has too much seriousness, you gotta toss in something fun. To get back at her mother, Veronica decides to bender a bit (not a real bender, they’re in high school, it’s code for dancing), so she grabs her celebrity gal pal, Josie; her favorite gay, Kevin; and a disposable piece of arm candy, Reggie, and paint the town red. I relate to this scene because that is what I did whenever my mom decided to start a war with me. Granted, Veronica’s war was about her mother’s betrayal; mine was usually about curfew or not drinking during 2nd period in grade 10.

This series progression was slowing down for a bit, but with the new cast member, Polly, I think we are about to see some amazing cross fire between the Coopers and the Blossoms. Especially since at the end of the episode, Polly choses to live at Thornhill with Cheryl and the redheaded clan.

In case you were counting, it’s episode 7 and Jughead still hasn’t eaten a burger. It’s like… why are you even making this show?


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