The Walking Dead - Season 3, Episode 14: "Prey" TV Episode Review

Written by Steve Pattee and TGM

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Directed by Stefan Schwartz
Written by Evan Reilly and Glen Mazzara
2013, Rated TV-14
Episode premiered on March 17th, 2013

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes
Laurie Holden as Andrea
Danai Gurira as Michonne
David Morrissey as The Governor
Dallas Roberts as Milton Mamet
Chad L. Coleman as Tyreese
Sonequa Martin-Green as Sasha
Jose Pablo Cantillo as Caesar Martinez


Warning! This review contains spoilers for this episode.

Steve Pattee: Well, Sunday’s The Walking Dead was apparently the “All About Andrea” episode that I certainly wasn’t asking for. We saw Andrea trying to start a coup against Woodbury’s fearless leader, Andrea leaving Woodbury in a huff, Andrea hiding from The Governor in the woods, Andrea hiding from The Governor in a building, Andrea escaping The Governor, and Andrea being caught by The Governor. Yay.

So, I don’t know about you, but with the exception of a few select scenes, I felt this episode was a big bag of meh coupled with some really lazy writing. So lazy, in fact, it was bothersome. I know I’m generally a Walking Dead defender, but seriously, did Andrea have a GPS chip installed in her by Milton for The Governor’s use somewhere along the line? Did I miss that episode? Was it just me, or was it incredibly convenient how The Governor caught up to Andrea. And by convenient, I of course mean completely unrealistic (and yes, I know this is a zombie apocalypse, but the dead rising is more believable than how The Governor managed to find Andrea not one, not two, but three times). There’s just no excuse for that kind of pisspoor writing, especially from a series I’ve come to expect more from.

TGM: I agree 100%, and thought the same way you did about the annoyingly uber-convenient Andrea tracking device, but then I remembered that Andrea is beyond dumb, and is a slovenly creature of habit making it easier to anticipate her every move. How else do you explain that blonde bimbo tra-la-lalling along in an open field rather than staying close to the perimeter lined with sight-obscuring trees? Once you embrace it from the angle of her utter stupidity, the convenience of the chase simply won’t bother you so much. 

SP: I see what you are saying, but I’m not excusing it in any way, shape, or form. After she left the road, she was in the woods for a bit (I’d have to assume), then she hit that field. And what? The Governor suddenly decides, “Hey, I’m going to drive through that field over there. I bet that’s where she’s at!” Ridiculous. The entire thing. I will concede, though, her level of stupid was higher than normal. Like my friend at work pointed out, why didn’t she take his truck after she escaped the warehouse? I guess she enjoyed the stroll.

TGM: This dreadful “very special” Andrea-centric episode of Blossom, uh, I mean The Walking Dead, was not one that I was eager to watch. Where the true laziness in the writing comes in is that this episode was ultimately pointless. Andrea started the episode in Woodbury, and ended it in Woodbury. Lazy, lazy, lazy, if a character’s arc goes full circle in the span of a single episode. What’s the point? If they had a burning need for a filler episode, then they could have saved us all the trouble and just had an awesome 60 minutes of Daryl and Merle kicking decaying zombie ass while on a mission to secure more baby formula for Judith.

SP: Any episode without Daryl and/or Merle is a wasted one.

TGM: Lets face it, we both hated this episode because we both hate Andrea. It’s as simple as that. I doubt the writers’ intent was for us to root FOR The Governor in this matter. I was seriously angry when Andrea unleashed the zombies from the stairwell onto the good ol’ Gov, especially when, for a glorious split second, I thought that Andrea had actually committed zombie-assisted suicide. My joy was obviously short lived. Admit it, if The Governor was chasing down anyone but Andrea for that hour, I think we all would have looked more favorably on this particular episode than we do.

SP: Probably. I really liked that zombie stairwell scene. I also truly enjoyed the parts with Milton. He’s growing on me more and more. That final scene between him and The Governor was fantastic. We all know who started that fire, Milton. You know it, I know it, The Governor knows it and Milton knows he knows. And, even though you can tell he’s scared, a small part of him doesn’t care. Of course I will look the fool if someone else torched those zombies. Speaking of which, those crispy critters still moving around was another of my favorite scenes. That. Was. Awesome. There are some really terrific effects there, arguably some of the best this year.

TGM: Yeah, I like the new feisty Milton. It’s interesting to know that he knew the Governor before he actually was the Governor. Makes their relationship a lot more interesting.  

SP: True, that story is one that needs to be told. You know who’s not feisty? Tyrese. Why do you think Tyrese is so passive? He’s obviously not afraid to throw down, but when it comes to trying to be part of a group, he’s so passive. I mean, when he first arrived at the prison, I thought it was cool of him to be so willing to do whatever it took to join their crew, and he’s doing the same thing in Woodbury, but it’s...different. He’s so desperate to stay, he’s a borderline 'yes man'. A key example of this is when Andrea was going over the wall and he’s all, “The Governor said no one can leave,” or some such nonsense. Dude, you just go here. Isn’t that a red flag? I’m hoping this works out because Tyrese could be a major player if the comic is any indication. I just don’t want this current watered-down cuckolded version we're seeing now.

TGM: Up until this point, the Tyrese character has been a rather big disappointment. I don’t read the comics, but I do know that he’s a fan favorite. He’s got to be a much different cat in the funny pages, I would imagine. On the show, he’s meek, timid, AND a lousy shot. Jesus Christ, man... that rifle scene was painful to watch. Luckily they have a never ending supply of ammunition. Apparently. I guess we expect more from him because he’s a big hulk of a man, but he obviously just wants to find someplace safe and hunker down. Hell, maybe he just needs a big hug.  

No way around it, this was a disappointing episode. On top of everything we’ve already mentioned with Andrea, The Governor’s relentless search was an uninspired culmination of almost every horror movie chase cliché mashed into one gigantic, ridiculous mess.  Hell, I was expecting The Gov to say “Heeeeeeeere’s Johnny!” and “Come out, come out, wherever yoooou arrrre!” every time he turned a corner.  I think we all expect better than that from this writing staff.

SP: I couldn’t agree more. Just about the whole thing was sloppy. Like I said, there were a few things I liked, and the deep-fried zombies were worth the price of admission, but on the whole, this was probably the most drab episode I’ve seen since last season. That’s not too bad of a batting average, but I do expect more from this show. Oh, and how could we neglect to mention that final shot of Andrea sitting on her new throne? I giggled. My sister pointed out that one of the tools that The Governor placed on the table is an instrument used for pap smears. That man is a box full of surprises, I tell you that.

TGM: The Governor is a huge proponent of cervical cancer screening.  True story.

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Steve: 2 Stars
TGM: 2 Stars



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