Unsealed: Alien Files - Season 3, Episode 1: "Alien Origins" TV Episode Review

Written by Richelle Charkot

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2014, Rated TV-PG
Episode premiered on May 8th, 2014


I will very seldom watch programs that concern themselves with the explanation of UFOs. I can't say concretely that I don't believe in extraterrestrials, in fact, I probably am more inclined to believe in them, but I hesitate to accept the unrealistic theories that some shows have presented in the past. I have found that most UFO programs are laden with harebrained conspiracy theories and unconvincing eyewitness accounts; all while masquerading as concrete fact, which instead just seems like something that would spew out of the mouth of every stoner that I went to high school with. This episode of Unsealed: Alien Files is no exception. It strings together every eye-roll worthy explanation of where the infamous "Greys" may have originated from and furthermore how they have managed to travel to Earth, while offering extremely limited evidence to prove anything.

The show presents itself as a systematic uncovering of several "x-files" that have been kept in secrecy by the government. One case is that of Betty and Barney Hill, who in 1961 claimed that an alien ship was following them in their car, and after a giant flash of light, they drove up to the front of their house, seemingly losing several minutes of memory. Although initially it explains that the two could not recall anything of the experience during the lost time, it later goes on to say that Betty eventually recalled their alien captors showing her a "star map," where their supposed origin is located. The alien account from the Hills is feeble at best in proving any existence of extraterrestrials, with nothing particularly concrete to convince anyone of its accuracy. Another similar anecdotal account is of Phil Schneider, who allegedly saw several of "The Greys" deep underground in Dulce, New Mexico. Although his case was met with much press coverage evidently, the show presents his story as nothing but a rambling, as he goes on about being blasted by blue light that ripped him apart 'like a fish,' and how the government is well aware of why the aliens were operating underground. These are just two of several weak explanations that the show goes on to cover, along with the theory that aliens can travel across dimensions using the sun as a sort of 'gas station,' and the theory that aliens are actually just humans in the future who are time traveling back to warn their ancestors of something that the show never bothers to explain.

I can't stand shows like this. Narrated by a deep and monotone voice as a guise of trustworthy conviction and amateur computer graphics to add visuals where there is absolutely nothing visual to present as proof. Shows like this are laden with paranoia instead of anything factual or persuasive, and they are the reason why anyone who has ever had an experience that they cannot explain will always be met with something similar to how Randy Quaid's character in Independence Day is treated. I welcome theories to explain the unexplained, but as famous sceptic Richard Dawkins put it best, "I am not impressed by anecdotal evidence."



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