Horror FPS Sinister Halloween

Written by Ryan Noble

Studio: Celeritas Games
Release date: Halloween 2019
Platforms: PC (available to play with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift)

If you’re looking for short, sharp action-packed scares this Halloween, look no further than Sinister Halloween, a spooky first-person shooter released last Halloween by 2-person indie team, Celeritas Games. Set in the mountains of northern Canada, you’ll be getting up to no good with your NPC friends, trick or treating, haunted houses, big parties – it’s a night meant to be full of treats, but something sinister is coming…

If you just watched the trailer above, you’ll see just how many classic horror icons are squeezed into this game’s story-driven campaign, spread across 9 distinct maps.

You’ll be trying to survive the night against:

  • Werewolves
  • Mama Ghost Lady
  • Graveyard mummies
  • Spirit Ghosts
  • Chainsaw Butcher
  • Forest Trees
  • Soul Reaper

How, you ask? Well, putting the “shooter” in first-person shooter is a host of deadly and interesting weapons:

  • Pistol
  • Shotgun
  • Fire torch
  • Holy cross
  • Notes
  • Newspapers
  • Spirit books

Honestly, combine anything from either of these two lists and it looks like a night of classic Halloween fun to me…

Werewolves + Shotgun = Fun.
Graveyard mummies + Fire torch = Fun.
Chainsaw Butcher + Notes = Well, I’ll probably die, but in a fun way!

And that’s not all…

A ghoulish giveaway…

Keep an eye on our Twitter, where we’ll be announcing a contest to win a few Steam keys for Sinister Halloween as well as giving a few extra keys away on Twitter, because Celeritas Games have been kind enough to send these our way.

For all the information you need on Sinister Halloween before Hallow’s Eve arrives, check out their Steam page, website, Facebook, or Twitter.

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