Zed-filled Joy Comes To PC, PlayStation, and Xbox

Some folks might say that the holidays are about the spirit of giving and finding the perfect gifts for your friends and family. It’s nice when you can treat yourself every once in a while with a little something- especially when it’s blood-covered and free!

On December 9th, as an early present to its fans, Tripwire Interactive released a Christmas-themed update to their multiplayer horror shooter, Killing Floor 2. Going by the name Chop ‘Til You Drop, the new addition to the five-year old game brings more style and cheer to the Zed killing mayhem players have come to enjoy year-round including a new location, new game modes, and cosmetics and weapons to deck the halls with.

In this new addition, players will attempt to survive the halls of the new Carillon Hamlet, a cheery holiday setting that will descend into chaos as creatures crawl out of the woodwork. With new objectives to achieve, though, matches will be even busier than usual if teams want to earn some cold hard cash and prizes. New to the arsenal are the Doshinegun, which turns that cash into much needed ammunition, and the HRG Stunner, which can stop a number of pursuers in their tracks before they can get their claws on- or into- you.

Not exactly feeling the rush lately? Do things feel a little too easy for you this season? The new Boss Rush mode ensures that a new heavy hitter accompanies your usual waves of Zeds as they try to put you down, bringing a new challenge to the mix. If you’re still feeling the need to prove your prowess in the arena, the Shrunken Heads mode will make those balance-tipping headshots just a bit tougher to rack up.

There are also some new weekly modes to be experienced and the usual quality of life improvements to keep the game up-to-date and fresh as we head into the end of the year.

If you’re feeling the need to jump in and stick it to some Zeds with a few friends in the yuletide spirit, Killing Floor 2 is available on Playstation 4 and Playstation 5, the XBox Series S and X, and on PC via Steam or the Epic Games Store and is on sale almost right up until the Christmas in honor of the Chop ‘Til You Drop DLC.

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