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Resident Evil HD Remaster Video Game Review

Written by John Colianni

Released by Capcom

Resident Evil Hd Remaster Poster

Developed by Capcom Production Studio 4
2015, Rated M
Game released on January 20th, 2015
Platforms: PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One

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Here on Horror DNA, I'm usually giving my input on movies and books that you'll either want to watch and read or discard them like unwanted Spartan babies. When I'm not taking in what the wide world of screams and gore has to offer, I happen to be planted on my couch in a poorly lit room, frying my retinas with video games. Ever since the Nintendo Entertainment System, I've been partaking in button mashing and the occasional launching of a controller. As it is another source of entertainment, it didn't take long for horror to become a prime contender for people's attention. I can remember cranking away at Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street for countless amounts of hours while my mother and father neglected their parental duties. Such practices have carried into my adult life and instead of socializing with the majority of the world, I had an awesome time cranking on Capcom's HD Remaster of Resident Evil.

Anytime anyone mentions zombies these days, eyes will likely roll and some ass bag will sigh because they're too good to watch a TV show because they've read the comics before they were cool. If you can put all of that aside and think back to 1996, many may remember a group of S.T.A.R. operatives, a mansion and the start of a franchise that would storm the world via video games. Of course I'm talking about Resident Evil, which managed to span decades and cross over into films (but we'll forget about those for the time being). Resident Evil has been so loved that it was remade in 2002 for the GameCube and the Wii in 2009, adding new challenges, updated graphics and the opportunity to relive the horrors for new and returning gamers alike. Fast forward to 2015, it has finally been re-released in glorious HD for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 and PS3. I was lucky enough to meander that horrific mansion and battle its inhabitants on my Xbox One and was knee deep in nostalgia.

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First and foremost, the Resident Evil HD Remaster is gorgeous. Running in full 1080p on both next-gen consoles, feasting your eyes on all of the scenery and enemies will make you forget about the old days of late 90s gaming and avoid having you say “back in my day...” and sounding like a tool bag. If you've never had the chance to sit down with Resident Evil, it will give you a great appreciation for the third-person shooter genre. The challenge doesn't just lie in the different boss battles and enemy encounters. Much of the game's popularity is in its puzzles and the new areas that the player unlocks. Choosing between the characters of Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine who have different pros and cons for the player to choose from, paying attention to detail and managing a limited inventory adds more than just running and gunning through zombies and mutations, all who want to wear your face as a diaper. While I will always love this game, as it holds a special place in my heart, my largest criticism will always be the stationary camera. While the new installments of Resident Evil have gone with the over-the-shoulder cam that allows more freedom to the player, the stationary camera can be painfully frustrating as you're moving back and forth to different areas, around corners and even up staircases. Some tweaking of the control scheme can fix this and familiarizing yourself with an older play style will give you an appreciation for the tiny things that sucked for people nearly twenty years ago. Also the dialogue is pretty abysmal so there's that too.

Video games have been around as long as televisions became the focal point of many households. From the early years of Pong to the current days where you can tell complete strangers via a headset to suck your hard phallus, playing video games have united millions of people worldwide under a common banner to enjoy an exciting medium and avoid awkward social environments and copious amounts of sunlight. Even though gamers should be excited about the newest released technology and the best graphics, many would be doing themselves a disservice by not checking out Capcom's Resident Evil HD Remaster. For only $20 on all platforms, you're better off grabbing this than spending your hard earned cash on McDonalds and Mountain Dew, you sad bastard.

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Story: 4 Stars Cover Cover Cover
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Graphics: 4.5 Stars
Gameplay: 4.5 Stars
Overall: 4.5 Star Rating

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