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Super Rare Games
Double Feature: Mundaun & Sally Face

Written by Ryan Noble

Two limited-edition horror releases from Super Rare Games? Am I dreaming? It turns out, no, I’m just lucky! As are any collectors of niche game releases, because these are two uniquely quirky and eerie games that deserve preserving, and who better than the masters of indie game preservation?

So, let’s get into it… What can you expect from Mundaun, Sally Face, and a limited-edition physical release from Super Rare Games? I’ll keep it short. Just by being here, you’re already potentially missing out—these games go fast.

Explore the unsettling mountains of… Mundaun!

Released by MWM Interactive
Developed by Hidden Fields
Game released on 16 March 2021
Platforms: Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch (reviewed).

Mundaun has a style that makes it immediately recognisable, set in a secluded valley and completely hand-drawn by pencil. This choice alone packs the game with character, making you feel like you’re playing through an ancient tale of mystery and murder. Within this mystery, the game isn’t afraid to leave you slightly confused, allowing you to wander over its hand-drawn hills in search of answers, whether it’s a missing item to solve a puzzle or the next discovery in an all-too-true local legend that’s been plaguing these mountains for decades, if not centuries.

From its characters and enemies—equally obscure in their origin and design—to its locations and made-up language, Mundaun is charmingly weird and patient with its scares. This vibe and the game's greyscale visuals lends an eerie overtone to the entire experience, keeping the player unsettled even when travelling through areas they've already explored. Look in the bathroom mirror and you’ll see what I mean…

The puzzles are interesting, taking a certain level of thought (and usually travel) to complete, and the unfolding narrative surrounding your grandfather’s death—the very reason the protagonist has travelled to his home of Mundaun for the first time since childhood—is intriguing and dark.

Draw the curtains and jump onto a bus into the mountains of Mundaun... You're in for one hell of a discovery.

You’ll like Mundaun if you like: Midsommar, The Witch – basically, slow-burn folk-inspired horror.

At the time of writing, Mundaun is officially “Low Stock,” so get your order in now.

The physical Super Rare Games release of Mundaun includes:

• Fully assembled Nintendo Switch game with cartridge
• Interior art and exclusive sleeve
• Full-colour manual
• Exclusive sticker
• Set of 3 card trading card pack
• Low-stock orders also include the exclusive slip cover (previously only sent to Club Members).

Solve the murder-mystery of… Sally Face!

Developed by Portable Moose (Steve Gabry).
Game released on August 2016 (itchi.io), 15 December 2016 (Steam), 21 January 2021 (Nintendo Switch)
Platforms: Steam, Mac, Nintendo Switch (reviewed).

Sally Face is a horror point-and-click adventure that will feel instantly nostalgic to anyone who grew up on cartoons from the 90s, although decidedly darker. The story follows a boy named Sal, who takes up the moniker of “Sally Face” to remove the power from a bully-given nickname. He has a prosthetic face, bright blue hair in pigtails, and tries to solve the murder of Addison Apartments, a place he’s just moved to with his father after the loss of his mother.

Across five episodes, we learn the disturbing story of Sal, switching between moments set in the present, where he shares his past with a therapist, and the past, where we take control and progress the narrative by solving puzzles.

In the first episode, for example, you play as a teenage Sal, working together with another boy in the building, Larry, to solve the murder of your new next-door neighbour. By speaking to the other residents of the building, each equally eccentric and unnerving in their own right, you begin to build up a case of whodunnit, collecting more information and puzzle-solving items as you go.

Can you figure out how Sal's past led to his present? And, more importantly, do you even want to know? With an angsty rock soundtrack and a story that’ll keep you guessing, Sally Face is another game that'll make you want to dive into the weirdness.

You’ll like Sally Face if you like: Neverending Nightmares, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Ren and Stimpy – anything that makes you feel uncomfortable with its eerie art style and characters.

At the time of writing, Sally Face has 8% stock left, so get your copy now!

The physical Super Rare Games release of Sally Face includes:

• Fully assembled Nintendo Switch game with cartridge
• Interior art
• Full-colour manual
• Exclusive sticker
• Set of 3 card trading card pack

A double-feature of spooks that deserve preservation.

Ultimately, what I ended up here was a perfect double-bill of niche horror games that deserve their place on your shelves and in the hall of gaming history. These are two individual—and yet somehow complementary—titles that could give you a glorious weekend of patiently unsettling gaming.

Super Rare Games is all about bringing unique, independent games into the physical form, something which cannot be removed at whim by online marketplaces or platforms and lost to time. In order words, they're doing god's work.

The Super Rare Games experience…

There’s nothing quite as pleasing as a limited-edition physical release from Super Rare Games. It’s like the already great feeling of getting a new game, made even more special by the fact that it’s one of a limited batch, wrapped up in shiny packaging with a Super Rare Games sticker and game-specific collector’s cards – not mention the full-colour game manual inside the case, which is such a rare occurrence these days.

Since you’re paying slightly more for the pleasure, you want something that feels worth it, and boy, do they deliver. Even when the games are out of their packaging and sitting next to your other games on the shelf, there’s still the sense that they’re superior somehow. It’s as if Super Rare Games’ absolute love and passion for the physical representation of independent games is passed onto the recipient, and as soon as you’ve experienced it once, you’re going to be hooked.

That's exactly what happened to me after my first Super Rare Games experience with the unbearably tense Darkwood.

Get your hands on limited-edition physical releases.

Like I said before, you better get moving if you fancy grabbing a physical copy of Mundaun or Sally Face for yourself. As I type these words, they’re both in extremely low stock over on Super Rare Games.

Of course, if you do happen to miss these two games, there'll always be more worth checking out, including Super Rare Originals, the brand-new digital indie publishing wing of Super Rare Games, helping bring even more indie games into the world. Long live Super Rare Games!

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