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Zombie Ani-Motion Animated Mask Review

Written by John Colianni

Sold by HalloweenCostumes.com


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As the holiday seasons are soon approaching, it is only a matter of time before before the shit-storm known as Christmas invades every shopping center, mall and local convenience store. There is but a short window that us horror fanatics get to actually show our true colors and dress from head to toe in our favorite garb, covered in blood, guts and gore. Every year, people will attempt to out-dress one another, creating elaborate costumes for the perfect party or to scare the hell out of the toddlers arriving to harvest your home of candy. Whatever the case may be, there is always fun to be had. While I'm used to reviewing a book, movie or the occasional comic, I was graced with something new to give my two cents on: a Halloween mask. And not just any Halloween mask, but the Zombie Ani-Motion Animated Mask from HalloweenCostumes.com.

Growing up during the Halloween season, I was always a fan of wearing masks, versus painting my face. This is, for lack of a better explanation, because I was a small, fat, self-conscious kid. Putting one on and being scary as hell was always more appealing than painting my face like a clown and dressing in bright colors. I was Frankenstein's monster, Death, Michael Myers and a plethora of other characters. The Zombie Ani-Motion Animated Mask reminded me of that time in my life. I also may own a horse mask as an adult but that's besides the point. As far as the mask goes, its fantastically colored in black and gray and the detail is sure to scare the pants off of any adolescent, child under the age of eight or your girlfriend while she's taking a late night bathroom break. Pop a hood over it and you're just like any other home intruder. I happened to also take the liberty of occasionally jumping out at my roommates' corgis. I'm a horrible person.

The Zombie Ani-Motion Animated Mask is made of solid material, maybe silicone and plastic (I'm not a damn chemist). Comfort-wise, the mask has a rather snug fit, but it's something that I couldn't imagine wearing for more than a half an hour at a time before you'll want to pry it off your face. That doesn't mean it still won't get the job done for the perfect photo bomb opportunity while the sluttiest girls at the party are all duck-facing in the bathroom mirror. The main beef that I have with this product is that its main feature and selling point doesn't work particularly well. While the mask in fastened to your face, its mouth is supposed to mimic the motion of your own. Unfortunately, I have tried to secure the mask as tight as possible, with little-to-no luck in achieving the motion.

As far as the rest of the mask is concerned, it does what it's meant to do: be that scary face prop that hides your true ugliness (that was kind of mean, sorry). As long as you weren't planning on lighting it on fire, going deep sea diving with it or using it as a fulcrum to get your car tires out of the mud, HalloweenCostumes.com has provided a solid product that will last for years to come. Unless you happen to use it to hold up your local 7/11. Then it becomes evidence.


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John Colianni
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Blogger, podcaster, stand up comedian, opinionated asshole, lover of double bass, left-wing liberal and crusher of the dreams of children. When he isn't pointing and laughing at the shortcomings of your offspring, Jersey John partakes in the finer things life has to offer: bacon cheeseburgers, online gaming and watching as cannibal zombies eat your family in slow motion. On repeat. In 3D.
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