A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge (1985) is a stellar example of 1980s homoerotic horror. Although heavily denied by the studio at the time, a solid gay subtext saturates the film. Jesse moves into Nancy’s house and begins fearing the man that both haunts his dreams and wants inside of his body. Freddy is ultimately vanquished by the horrid girl next door who kisses and defeats him with the power of heterosexual love. The series is not too set on their rules as Freddy is now able to control others and enter our reality to kill random people that are neither asleep nor aware of who he is.

Memorable Freddy Quotes:

Jesse is confronted by Freddy, who during their exchange peels back his skull to reveal his pulsing brain: ”You’ve got the body… I’ve got the brain.”

Freddy addresses the frightened guests at the pool party “You are all my children now.”

Best Kill:

Two teen boys are in a locked bedroom where Freddy magically pulls out of one before penetrating the other (with his bloody blades).

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