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Grimm Up North- Day 3 Round Up

Well, there was no rainbow to welcome me into Manchester on day three of the festival, however, there were Storm Troopers and Jedis instead to greet me as I entered the AMC theatres. Just as nice really.

So here is a quick round up of all the excellent things Grimm Up North had in store for me on Day 3 of their festival. Again, fuller, meatier reviews will be headed to Horror DNA soon so keep an eye out!


Halloween 3 Season of the Witch

Halloween 3The day started with another cool classic horror film, this time in the form of the third installment of the Halloween franchise. It was a very interesting choice considering it’s where they chose to do something completely different, not using Michael Myers was a massive risk, but over all I think the entire auditorium loved it. Most people would have seen it already, so it was very cool to see it on the big screen. It had incredibly cheesy moments and some of the dialogue and acting was particularly sketchy, but that just added to its ‘80s charm. It even got a round of applause at the end of the screening, not something all the films screen here at GUN can boast!





Some Guy Who Kills People

Some Guy Who Kills People PosterThe first big film of the day was this comedy horror gem which I just could not get enough of. A man spends a few years in a mental institution after being bullied by the jocks at his high school. When he is released he tries to make a go of his life and gets a job in the local diner, but his past still haunts him as the jocks are still in town. I think that the story was really original and the cast fit really well together. It was hilarious in an offbeat kind of way from start to finish, along the same vein as Idle Hands, definitely my kind of movie. I couldn’t recommend this more!






The Woman

The Woman Poster SmallWell, this is a massively anticipated film! For whatever reason though, when I hear a film is astounding, shocking or amazing I instantly think I won’t enjoy it. "Don’t believe the hype" is usually my thing. So maybe that’s why I really enjoyed this one. I went in with absolutely no expectations and was kind of blown away. It has great pacing, a severe intensity that kept my heart racing and a brilliant cast. I mean, looking back now, maybe I don’t see what the entire fuss is about, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that this is a damn good horror movie.







The Reverend

Reverend SmallBefore this one was shown, we were told they had only just finished it on Thursday last week, and well…it kind of showed. This film was not enjoyable at all. I found there was too much unnecessary dialogue, all of which was pretty bad in the first place, the sound was awful as it switched from far too loud to too quiet and it needs a heavy edit as it was painful how slow it moved. To top it all off Shane Richie appears in one of the most comical forms I have ever seen, a real Dickensian cockney gangster wearing a bowler hat. I honestly thought it had switched genres to a comedy in a flash. This was not a good film. Dear god, it was not a good film.




Leashed (Short Film)

Before the last film of the day, we were shown a 15 minute short made written and directed by Aubrey Reynolds. The film was funded by the Film Council and is a psychological horror with a twist, quite a feat for something that only has 15 minutes to play with. While it didn’t hold my attention like the two shorts I saw yesterday, it definitely had a better look and style to it, very professional and I did enjoy where the story went.


Revenge: A Love Story

Revenge A Love Story SmallLast film of the day was this tale of revenge from Hong Kong. The film follows a series of murders that target police officers wives who are heavily pregnant. Revenge: A Love Story is at times very hard to watch, but then tender at other times. It has a really compelling way of telling a story that is unique and works to its advantage as it plays with the minds of the audience. There are times when it seems very bleak and depressing, but there is more to take from this film than just that after viewing it. I can’t say I “enjoyed” watching this film, but I’m glad I’ve seen it; it was superbly acted and directed. Check it out if you get the chance.







So that ended the penultimate day of the festival. Highlight has to be Some Guy Who Kills People, it lived up to all my expectations of it from the trailer and went even further, which is rare these days. Most films (especially comedies) show the best bits in the trailer and you’re lucky if you get any more than that.

Bring on the final day!

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