My Ex II: Haunted Lover Movie Review

Written by Simon Bland

DVD released by MVM Entertainment

Directed by Piyapan Choopetch
Written by Adirek Wattaleela
2010, 83 minutes, Rated 18 (UK)
DVD released on 3rd June 2013

Ratchawin Wongviriya as Cee
Atthama Chiwanitchapan as Bowie
Thongpoom Siripipat as Aof
Marrion Affolter as Ying
Pete Thongchua as Karn



Thai horror My Ex II: Haunted Lover starts with four twentysomething girls leaving a multiplex. They’ve just watched the original My Ex movie, one of them even mentions that there’s suppose to be a sequel in the works. Not since Tom Six’s bum-to-mouth sequel has horror been so meta. However unlike Six, director Piyapan Choopetch doesn’t dwell on this seldom used cinematic device to some grizzly end but instead uses it as a jumping off point to launch the second installment of his ghostly revenge tale.


We follow the four cinema goers Cee, her sister Bowie and their two friends Bee and Ae. On leaving the cinema Cee spies her boyfriend Aof cheating on her with another girl by the name of Ying. Understandably miffed, Cee corners Aof and gives him a right grilling only for her cheating hubby to beg forgiveness by throwing Ying under the bus. Unbeknownst to the quarrelling duo, Aof’s other woman is eavesdropping and, hearing this douchebag’s backstabbery, tosses herself from the roof of their fancy apartment building. Poor Ying.


You’d think this would put an indefinite downer on Cee and Aof’s already dodgy relationship but, bafflingly, it doesn’t end it completely. While Cee and her mates accompany budding actress Bowie to an idyllic island so she can shoot a horror movie, her determined ex plagues her with texts. Cee does her best to snub his advances but life gets increasingly stressful when the charismatic movie producer Karn causes a bit of on set sibling rivalry between herself and Bowie. To make matters worse, the group begin to see ghostly visions of a mutilated Ying, who appears to have returned from the grave to guilt trip Cee and her buddies. Proper ruins a holiday, that does.


Placing your sequel beyond the fourth wall is a technique that certainly has its perks. You won’t need to do your homework to understand part two, for example. But fail to use this newfound freedom to its full potential, taking things to exciting places via its smart alec hook and it can make an average horror look even more bland. Choopetch’s second outing boasts a few tense moments but relies a little too heavily on pregnant silences and the occasional slimy reveal of our typically Ring-esque nasty for its all too tame scares. The story is also unnecessarily convoluted. While its cunning twist will likely catch you off guard, chances are you probably stopped caring half an hour ago anyway. My Ex 2: Haunted Lover took it’s time getting to UK shores. It was made back in 2010 but has only just reached our PAL DVD players. Sadly, it wasn’t really worth the wait.


Movie: 2 Stars buy-my-ex-dvd

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