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The Last Storm Tim Lebbon Poster Large

In a parched desert world, a new ‘Rainmaker’ swaggers into town…

Lost In The Dark Brad Weismann Poster Large

A comprehensive study of the genre from its origins through to today.

Hetty Eddie Generous Poster Large

And you thought your teacher was mean.

The Pallbearers Club Paul Tremblay Poster Large

Memoir and fiction blend in a hit-and-miss tall story…..

Equinox David Towsey Poster Large

Fascinating but flawed.

The Watchers A M Shine Poster Large

Four strangers are stranded in a remote Irish cabin with something very nasty outside.

The Clackity Lora Senf Poster Large

Welcome to Blight Harbor, the seventh most haunted town in America...

The Ghost That Ate Us Daniel Kraus Poster Large

Supersize your fears with this ghostly combo.

Lure Tim Mcgregor Poster Large

Frightening, claustrophobic and tense.

Last Of The Ravagers Bryan Smith Poster Large

Gory, brutal, fun. Exactly what one expects from Bryan Smith.

More Modern Mythmakers Michael Mccarty Poster Large

A deep dive into the world and lives of genre authors, filmmakers and what makes them tick.

The Devil Takes You Home Gabino Iglesias Poster Large

Dark, grim, and addicting. Gabino Iglesias's newest entry is his strongest yet.

Howls From The Dark Ages Poster Large

P.L. McMillian and Solomon Forse of the HOWL Society have brought us what can commonly best be described as a tour de force.

From Below Darcy Coates Poster Large

Terrific underwater terrors which will have you gasping for air!

Cannibal Creator Chad Lutzke Poster Large

Ambitious, but flawed and hindered by its short length.

The Fall Alan Baxter Poster Large

The Fall is a worthy sequel to The Gulp and leaves us wanting more of Gulpepper to swallow our imaginations.

The Gulp Alan Baxter Poster Large

Welcome to The Gulp! The town where strange is normal…

The Pain Eater Kyle Muntz Poster Large

Pain and pleasure dance together in this captivating horror story.

Between Two Fires Poster Large

It's the definition of an underrated gem.

Sausages The Making Of Dog Soldiers Cover Large

Top bosie!


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